HiPath 580

2 x ISDN
up to 8 digital system phones
up to 4 analogue standard phones (with CLIP and CNIP)
HiPath Cordless with up to 3 base stations and 16 handsets
integrated Voicemail

Advisory messages
Intercept position / attendant console
Call waiting / call display
Caller list
Do-not-disturb / “silent ringing”
Call pickup
Call forwarding from the extension
Display call destination and caller
Class of service
Display languages (individually programmable)
Cost of call display (15,000 data records stored)
Group call
Integrated voice mail
Conference (internal/external)
Individual/central speed dialing
Automatic line seizure
Line keys for flexible configuration
Team function
Executive/secretary functions
Trunk release for emergency calls
Text messages
External music source (optional)
Night service / day service (timed)
Project code
Relay (actuators/sensors)
Automatic callback / automatic callback – no answer
Call answering with cordless headset (DECT, Bluetooth)
Incoming number and name display, and message waiting on analog phones
Call number suppression
Call signaling (acoustic, visual)
Call forwarding – no answer / busy after timeout
Add-on ringing
Hunt group (linear/cyclic)
Lock telephone (individual code)
Telephone book “central”
Entry phones
Transferring a call (internal/external)
Redial (expanded)
Recall from carrier network

ISDN features

The following Euro-ISDN functions are supported:

System connection / point-to-multipoint connection
Call deflection (CD)
Call forwarding in the public network (CFU, CFB, CFNR)
Direct dialing (DDI)
Malicious caller identification (MCID)
Advice of charge (AOC/E, AOC/D)
Multiple subscriber numbers (MSN)
Calling name identification presentation (CNIP)
Completion of calls to busy subscribers(CCBS)
Calling line identification presentation (CLIP)
Calling line identification restriction (CLIR)